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26 June 2020Blog

IELTS vs OET: Which should you take?

  Need to prove your level of English for immigration or work purposes, but you’re confused what English test to take? Before you make the decision, you need to decide which one works the best for you. To make things easy for you...

4 May 2020Blog

Practicing medicine in the UK

Overseas doctors have long played crucial roles in the UK health services, with the number of foreign doctors joining the UK medical register increasing year on year. All foreign doctors wanting to practice medicine in the UK, whether...

5 June 2018Blog

Is There a Doctor Shortage in the World?

According to WHO, there is currently a global shortage of more than 7 million health workers, which could rise to nearly 13 million by 2035. Growing populations and access to medical education are just two factors creating the global...

5 June 2018Blog

5 Best Medical Study Tips and Helpful Habits

Having troubles with remembering and learning new things? Check out our medical study tips that will help you better organize your learning process and successfully pass exams. 1. Study, Sleep, Repeat. Sleep is almost as important as...