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7th Nov 2018Blog

Medical Indemnity Insurance – Are You Covered?

The frequency and size of compensation related to medical negligence claims has significantly increased globally over the last decade. In South Africa, The Gauteng Department of Health alone saw an increase in claims from R573-million...

5th Jun 2018Blog

Passing your exams

Exams booked and 4 months to prepare for the first step in reaching my dream of becoming a specialist. More than enough time but sufficiently short enough to apply some pressure to start studying. Or so I thought. The demands of work...

5th Jun 2018Blog

Doctor Shortage

There is a global shortage of healthcare workers estimated by the WHO to reach a deficit of 12.9 million by 2035. This is more than the population of Cyprus, Denmark and Finland combined. Many countries are struggling to reach the...

5th Jun 2018Blog

Top Study Tips

1. Study, Sleep, Repeat. Sleep is almost as important as study time. It’s during this downtime that the brain strengthens new memories which means that there is a good chance we’ll remember whatever we review right before we sleep....